Amazing Results after Shoulder Surgery on Both Shoulders

“Dr. John Reineck came into my life after a head-on auto accident shattered both of my shoulders. On the strong recommendation from medical professionals, I waited in Munson Hospital for Dr. Reineck. Replacing two shoulders at once is somewhat unusual and my family wanted only the best. That’s exactly what I got! His surgical experience and specialized techniques, combined with intensive, lengthy rehabilitation, gave me back the use of my fingers, hands and shoulders. Today I have 99% range of motion which is nothing short of miraculous.

Any patient considering shoulder surgery of any type would be blessed to have Dr. Reineck’s brilliant surgical gifts and his warm, compassionate nature contributing to their full recovery.”

– Julie Maxson
Lake Ann, MI

GLOC has a Caring, Helpful Approach

“I can’t speak highly enough of Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center. I have physical therapy for my knee and back. My experience with Josh has been top-notch. He not only knows therapy, but he knows a lot medically and that makes a big difference. I have also been working with Lynne for my back and she is extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable. GLOC has a caring, helpful approach and trusts me to follow up with my home exercises too.”

– Physical Therapy Patient
Frankfort, MI

Physical Therapy for Hip Bursitis - Lynne Lombard... is Wonderful!

“I’ve had Physical Therapy at Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center on and off over the years for a couple of different issues. I have Hip Bursitis which is extremely painful. Lynne Lombard has been my physical therapist and she is wonderful! “She has healing hands,” said a friend who also sees Lynne. Lynne got me back on my feet and taught me what I need to be aware of to keep the pain from resurfacing. GLOC was flexible, the staff was supportive, and scheduling is easy. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

– Irene Cotter
Traverse City, MI

Shoulder Surgery - They Listened and Cared

“When my son would lay his head on my shoulder, it was very painful. After trying a couple of different doctors that simply wouldn’t listen to me, my family doctor suggested Great Lakes and I decided to give it a try. They started out by taking seven x-rays. After reviewing the x-rays, Dr. Reineck sat down with me and walked me through what the problems were and what could be done to help me. I had surgery on my shoulder and followed it up with physical therapy with Josh at GLOC. They were great. They listened to me and, mostly, they cared about me. And, now, my son can lay his head down on me and it doesn’t hurt. That’s the best feeling in the world.”

– Michael McNamara
Cadillac, MI

Both Knees Replaced - A Wonderful Experience

“I had both my knees replaced (a couple years apart) by Dr. McGraw and had such a wonderful experience. Other people see me running around and golfing and ask me where I got my knees. I have referred many people to Dr. McGraw and the specialists at Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center.”

– Carolyn Diponio

Shoulder and Knee Surgeries: Better than Expected... and Worth It

“My shoulder and knee surgeries, under the care of Dr. Brian Kerr and his physical therapy staff, have allowed me to resume an active lifestyle. The orthopaedic surgeries went better than I expected, and were worth it!”

– Marjorie Beers

Strongly Recommended to Anyone Experiencing Shoulder Difficulties

“I went to Dr. Brian Kerr when I was having trouble with my right shoulder and he gave me several options to alleviate the pain. Following rotator cuff surgery he coordinated my physical therapy with GLOC Physical Therapist Lynne Lombard who was key to my recovery. Also helpful were the guidelines Dr. Kerr gave me which addressed what I could and could not do with my right arm before and after surgery. I strongly recommend Dr. Kerr and the entire team of specialists at GLOC to anyone experiencing shoulder difficulties.”

– Lynn Robison
Traverse City, MI

Fast and Professional Physical Therapy for Knee Replacement Surgery

“I couldn’t ask for a better doctor than Dr. Boyce. The whole GLOC team was fast, professional, and gave me easy-to-understand explanations. My physical therapist said I could be a poster child for knee replacement surgery.”

– Steve Kish


  • Shoulder & Elbow

    “Dr Kerr fixed my shoulder like the accident never happened. I had a complete tear of both ends of the supraspinatus and long head of the biceps and it is completely healed after Dr Kerr reattached them all. Thanks!”
  • Shoulder & Elbow: Always Treated Professionally and with Kindness

    “Everytime I walked thru your doors, I was always treated professionally and with kindness. I can’t say enough how pleasant your office is. Thank u so much!”
  • Hip & Knee

    “Great surgery outcome, recommend Dr. Brent M. Wiersema . Informative, attentive, personable .”

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