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Communicating with your provider team via secure email is easy and convenient. If you are currently registered with NextMD, please click the link below to LOGIN.

If you are new to NextMD, please call our Traverse City office and you will receive a token number and an email that tells you step by step how to complete the registration process.


  • E-mail your provider and/or the staff at Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center (we will get back to you within 24 hours)
  • Update your account information from home–address, phone number, and email address
  • Request medication refills
  • Receive individual documents from your doctor or therapist
  • Ask billing questions
  • Ask surgical procedure questions
  • Add multiple doctors’ offices on your account if the office uses NextMD


Go to the login screen of NextMD and click the “don’t remember your username or password” link. An email will be sent to you and a step-by-step process will assist you in resetting your username and password.


Log into your account, click “account settings”. Choose the tab “username” or “password” and create the new username or password you desire.


  • Arthroscopy Experience

    “I want to thank Dr Kerr for actually listening to me when I described my lifestyle, and suggesting arthroscopic reattachment of my supraspinatus and long head of the bicep tendons. He did the surgery two years ago, and I am back to like the fall I took that tore the tendons never happened! Top quality […]
  • Total Joint & Total Joint Revision

    “For Scott Groseclose: Hi Scott. You replaced my right hip in (I believe) 2011 It has done and continues to do wonderfully well! I was wondering if you share with me the materials of the stem and cup. Specifically was the stem cobalt? Thanks for your help. Best personal regards, Chuck
  • Total Joint & Total Joint Revision

    “I would like to thank Dr. Wiersema and Kacie Freeborn PAC, for my two new hips! These surgeries have changed my life. I am walking 4 miles a day, and daily yoga, all with no pain! The list of activities that I can now do is quite long. Thanks for new life. Gary”

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