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Preventing Sports Injuries

How to prevent common sports injuries

Participating in sports and physical activities is a great way to stay fit and healthy, but it can also come with the risk of injury. Some of the most common sports injuries include strains, sprains, fractures, and dislocations, which can lead to pain, limited mobility, and long-term damage if not treated properly. Fortunately, there are …

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Spine Health

Spine health is essential to overall well-being. The spine, or backbone, is a vital part of the body’s structure and serves a number of important functions.
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Exercise in Traverse City for physical therapy

When people think of physical therapy, they usually think of traditional treatments like massage, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. However, exercise is often overlooked.
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Taking care of your spine is healthy for you.

Taking care of your spine is important for a number of reasons. The spine is a complex and vital structure that supports the body and more.
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Benefits of Physical Therapy after surgery

Physical Therapy has a large number of benefits after surgery which can help you reduce pain and improve mobility.
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