New informative website and logo represent GLOC’s strengths

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., July 18, 2012 – Northern Michigan continues to offer more valued resources for residents and visitors, and this is especially true in terms of advanced medical care. For Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center, the goal has always been to create a continuum of care for patients, acting as a comprehensive resource for all orthopaedic needs. With board-certified surgeons and trained physical therapists on-site, GLOC provides a high level of expertise and surgical specialties often exclusively found in large metropolitan areas. Fortunately this time, the best care is based right here in Traverse City.

In an effort to increase patient education and awareness of the full range of services available, Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center is unveiling a new marketing strategy. Beginning with a new logo and website (, GLOC is providing helpful information to patients as well as bringing its surgical specialties to the foreground. The new brand image is clean, focused and illustrates that GLOC is truly at the center of orthopaedic care.

A surgical specialist at GLOC, Dr. Christopher Chuinard states “Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center is excited to launch our new website. We feel that this better reflects our role as the community leader for orthopaedic care and sports medicine in Northern Michigan. Furthermore, the site will improve the process of patient registration while providing useful health information and education for our colleagues and patients.”

For years, Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center has been on the cutting edge of advanced surgical and treatment technologies. Now GLOC feels it is time to bring that same technology online and into its brand messaging. The result is a better understanding for patients and a closer connection to the community throughout Traverse City and beyond.

With eleven specialized surgeons, a complete team of certified physical therapists and an on-site orthotics department, Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center is THE region’s top resource for orthopaedic care. GLOC’s mission is to provide the best treatments to address individual needs and maximize patient results. Using the latest technology, surgical knowledge and experience, the GLOC team provides a compassionate approach for each patient’s personal situation. Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center can be reached calling: 231.935.0900 -or- clicking


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