On-Site Services

Imaging Services

As part of our mission to provide comprehensive care throughout Northern Michigan, Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center also offers on-site digital x-ray and ultrasound services. Our leading specialists and technologists work in conjunction with the physicians to help diagnose and treat medical concerns in a timely manner to keep patients moving forward in their treatment process.

Digital imaging offers faster, safer, and more comprehensive radiography. Digital radiography uses lower doses of radiation compared to conventional x-ray and is more environmentally friendly because chemical processing is eliminated. And because the x-ray is on-site, it is more convenient and takes less time than having to go to the hospital to have x-rays taken. It also allows doctors to view the x-rays remotely permitting a higher quality response when you have to call us after hours.


Patient Note: If you have had recent x-rays for your orthopaedic issue, please bring the x-rays to your appointment unless they were taken at Munson Medical Center, Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital, Kalkaska Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital Cadillac, Mercy Hospital Grayling or Leelanau Radiology.